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Minnesota goes 1-1 in first game day of Midwest TH League 2019-20 season!

After a strong showing at the Chicago tournament weeks ago Minnesota was eager to get back on the court and continue a successful start to the season.

This was the first game day of the 2019-20 Midwest Team Handball League season. It was played at a brand new facility in Appleton, WI called the Community First Champion Center

It was a wonderful facility and we can't wait to be back!

Kicking off the league season, Minnesota had two tough opponents to start with: Chicago Inter and Milwaukee United.

First up was Chicago. Minnesota didn't play them at the Chicago tournament a few weeks back so they were ready to play their Midwest rivals.

Game 1

The game started up with the lead shifting back and forth. Both teams were well equipped with good shooters and strong defenders. After the first 10 minutes Minnesota started to gain a bit of a lead. Goalies Josh Wielenga and Tristan Malletroit had a lot to do with that. Both had great saves and held their own against a strong shooting team like Chicago.

After a great first half by both teams Minnesota had the lead at halftime.

The second half was more of the same. Strong defense and good shooting by both teams. Minnesota kept in the game with a more balanced attack.

In the end, Minnesota lost the lead and the game to Chicago. It wasn't without a great showing that we have a chance to take the Midwest crown this year.

Game 2

Last game of the game day was against Milwaukee United.

Minnesota started out slow, real slow. They were not awake on defense and had trouble getting the ball in the net. The only great thing about the first half was the play of Goalie Josh Wielenga who kept the team from digging themselves into an even deeper hole. Milwaukee had a strong lead going into the half.

Minnesota took a long break during the half to regroup, adjust and come out of the half fast and strong. They did exactly that!

Minnesota quickly took the lead back with fast break goals from Left Wing Josh Hetterick and outstanding saves from goalie Tritan Malletroit. After that, Minnesota never looked back and defeated Milwaukee. 

Great start to the league season. Now time to rest for the holidays and restart back up in January to finish the 2nd half of the season!


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